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Our mission is to become the go-to brand for all your family's home textile needs.

We recognize that is a significant target to achieve. However, looking back on how far we have come over the past 40 years, we realize that nothing is out of reach. We always set a high bar when it comes to quality, and that is how our story began. Finding blankets good enough for our home was a challenge. However, we regarded that challenge as an opportunity; to manufacture superior blankets befitting our lofty standards. Ultimately, this has become our main drive; to deliver the best product all the time, every time. Our product will end up in a family home, and as a family business, we only settle for what is best for you and your family.

We pride ourselves on our established history and we strive to continuously surpass people's expectations by developing new products to make them more comfortable.

Family Comfort Since 1930

Morano is the signature brand of Misr Spain Co., a family business that has a remarkable history in the field of blankets and textiles manufacturing. The generations of the family are connected by a set of shared values and a vision based on innovation and adaptation to any circumstantial events. We aspire to maintain the family business across the generations and position ourselves for sustainable success by catering to the various consumers’ needs.

Over the past decade, the brand has significantly grown; we exhibit in the most prestigious textile fairs on a regular basis, and our footprint in the international markets is increasing year on year. In 2020, we launched a fully integrated online store to facilitate the purchasing process and make it convenient for our clients to buy from the comfort of their homes. We also started to participate in local events to connect with our clients and offer them and their families an enjoyable and unique shopping experience. Morano currently offers a variety of products, including blankets, towels and prayer rugs with more to come soon. Now in the 3rd generation, there is one thing that we have always been keen to maintain: Your family’s comfort.