Family Comfort Since 1930

Family-Comfort-Since-1930 Morano Textiles

Morano is the signature brand of Misr Spain Co., a family business that has a remarkable history in the field of blankets and textiles manufacturing. The generations of the family are connected by a set of shared values and a vision based on innovation and adaptation to any circumstantial events. We aspire to maintain the family business across the generations and position ourselves for sustainable success by catering to the various consumers’ needs.

It all started in 1930 when the 1st generation engaged in the textile market primarily as cotton traders. We were also manufacturers of handloom cotton fabrics, but to a small extent. As a result of the great depression that hit in the 1930s, the focus was directed towards manufacturing since trading was adversely affected. Accordingly, we carried on with the manufacturing of the handloom cotton fabrics. In 1959, we upgraded our production and shifted to mechanical weaving machines.

During this period, we faced a big challenge as importing machines was not possible. The solution was to have the machines locally manufactured. Even though the local machines had their flaws and were limited in their capabilities, we were able to meet our production goals and the products were sold via our small retail stores in Al Azhar.

The turning point was in 1980 when import restrictions were eased. There were lots of opportunities at the time, each with their own pros and cons, and we could not decide which one would guarantee the best outcome. Eventually, we bought 4 European multi-purpose weaving machines which would enable us to test a variety of products in the market. In 1984, with the feedback received from the numerous trials we had conducted, we decided to shift our focus to manufacturing blankets. At that point, the blankets’ raw materials had switched from wool to synthetic acrylic yarns. It was a major milestone when we started producing conventional acrylic blankets since they were commonly imported from Spain, Korea, Greece, and Italy.

In the 1990s, printed mink blankets became trendy. To keep up with the latest trends, we started to leverage the best solutions that would enable us to produce mink blankets. However, we were technologically constrained as the machines we had could only produce conventional blankets, not mink. So, we settled on splitting the process between in-house production and outsourcing. We would weave the fabric in Egypt and the printing process would be outsourced to Spain. After 4 years operating in this manner and based on the success we had experienced during that time, we took the decision to eliminate production processes conducted abroad. In 2002, we managed to produce our first mink blanket that was 100% made in Egypt.

In 2005, owing to the Spanish know-how along with our amassed manufacturing experience, Morano became the leading Egyptian brand for blankets, even though we were late entrants to the market as there were already two established competitors. Given the brand’s reputation, we were approached by Carrefour at the end of that year to start supplying them with Morano blankets. The brand’s solid foundation has empowered us to conceptualize high quality designs and diversification appealing to the ever-changing trends.

Over the past decade, the brand has significantly grown; we exhibit in the most prestigious textile fairs on a regular basis, and our footprint in the international markets is increasing year on year. In 2020, we launched a fully integrated online store to facilitate the purchasing process and make it convenient for our clients to buy from the comfort of their homes. We also started to participate in local events to connect with our clients and offer them and their families an enjoyable and unique shopping experience. Morano currently offers a variety of products, including blankets, towels and prayer rugs with more to come soon. Now in the 3rd generation, there is one thing that we have always been keen to maintain: Your family’s comfort.