4 Reasons Why Our Cloud Blanket Is Perfect for You

4-Reasons-Why-Our-Cloud-Blanket-Is-Perfect-for-You Morano Textiles

The best blankets are not just snug and comfy, they help ease you into relaxation. Since we know the importance of getting quality z’s, we used our expansive knowledge to develop a blanket that would promote sleep quality as well as style. The result was the Cloud blanket; the softest 2 ply blanket Morano has to offer.

The Cloud blanket has a number of unique features, here are 4 reasons why it is perfect for you.

1. Sleep Like A Log

For many people, the heaviness of the blanket is therapeutic and has a calming effect. The subtle pressure of the blankets mimic the feeling of being hugged, held or swaddled so you can feel more relaxed (and sleep like a baby). According to the latest studies, the pressure stimulates the brain, reduces the cortisol levels and increases the amount of melatonin produced. In other words, the weight of the blanket helps you get your beauty sleep.

2. Like Floating on A Cloud

Unlike other blankets, the Cloud blanket has a silky smooth touch. Using special yarns of very fine counts give the Cloud its unrivaled softness, which is undoubtedly one of its defining features. In addition to making the blanket soft, the special yarns make the embossed effects more pronounced and extend its longevity.

3. Printed? Embossed? BOTH!

Style and fashion trends are subjective, the same holds true for blanket designs. While some may favor printed designs, others may favor subtle embossed designs. Catering to both sides of the spectrum, the Cloud blanket combines both minimal printed designs with precise embossed patterns. Enjoy the freedom of styling your bedroom with whichever ply that visually appeals to you!

4. Minimal Fluffs, Minimal Fuss

Over time, you may see small fluffs on your bedsheets in place of the blanket. This is expected (to an extent) as polyester yarns are made up of a huge number of filaments, and the degree of the fluffs depends on the surface in contact (wool and harsh fabrics are notorious for their friction). However, the risk of fluffs is minimized in the Cloud because it is a 2 ply blanket and its pile can better withstand the friction of other materials.