Why “Velvet”?

Why-Velvet Morano Textiles

You might have noticed the word “Velvet” a number of times when browsing our website. Spanning a variety of products and categories, from bedding to rugs, the Velvet has been developed with the comfort of your family in mind. So, what makes the Velvet so special? The short answer, “softness and durability”. However, that would not emphasize the main features of this yarn that we have had specifically developed for our product range.

  • The quality of fabrics is usually assessed by its softness and volume. The softer the fabric, the less the volume. Owing to our experience and know-how, we have had special yarns developed to provide softness without compromising the volume of the fabric. This means that, unlike commercial flannel blankets, our Velvet Blanket would not slip off and disrupt your sleep.
  • The Velvet is unique when it comes to its shiny aesthetic; the colors are vivid, and the options span the entire color gamut. The fabric’s luminous sheen is visually appealing every time you run your hands on it and the color changes.
  • If you’re looking for lightweight blankets, the velvet fabric would be the ideal choice. Weighing less than 2 kilograms, the Velvet Blankets hit the sweet spot when it comes to weight and warmth as the velvet provides excellent insulation properties.
  • The fabric is durable and maintains its luster and softness after washing, so you will enjoy the product for many years without feeling that it is outdated.
  • The Velvet Throws are versatile and can be used in a variety of situations. As the fabric is rich and has a luxurious feel, it elevates the coziness of any room and blends well with any furnishing style.